Our Mission

Timpanogos Legal Center is a group of attorneys who provide free legal assistance. TLC's purpose is to provide legal services and lift those counseled in improving their lives. We hold free legal clinics throughout the state and provide a free legal advice hotline. We primarily seek to serve victims of domestic violence and those without monetary means to retain an attorney for their case.

We have a two-fold mission:

To recruit, train, mentor, and support attorneys in providing meaningful pro bono work while reducing obstacles to performing free legal services; and to provide free high quality legal services to those in need in a manner that improves the lives of our clients and their families.

We named our organization after Mount Timpanogos with the vision that we will lift our clients like the peaks of the mountain elevate our eyes upward. Our motto is “Lifting Lives through the Law.”

Please contact our hotline to speak to one of our attorneys and find out how we can assist you.

Public Disclosures

To view our 990 Public Disclosure, please click this link:

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If you want to donate to TLC, please contact hayley@timplegal.org or venmo us at @Timpanogos-Legal-Center