Document Clinic

Meet with an attorney online or by phone to draft or review family law court documents for you!

We help self-represented clients by drafting the family law documents. Once you pass our screening process, we will set up a virtual meeting or phone call to work with an attorney. You can do the intake process online.

To do the intake online, simply request our intake form from and follow the instructions.

Contamos con abogados que pueden ayudar a los clientes que hablan español. Ayudamos a los clientes que se representan a sí mismos al redactar los documentos judiciales para usted. Una vez que pase nuestro proceso de selección, organizaremos una reunión clínica virtual o una llamada telefónica para trabajar con un abogado. La reunión virtual será similar a una entrevista de FaceTime o Skype. Puede llamar si no tiene una cámara en su teléfono o computadora o si no tiene acceso a Internet. Puede realizar el proceso de admisión en línea.

Para realizar la admisión en línea, simplemente solicite un formulario de admisión a


  • You must be representing yourself in court (you don't have an attorney)
  • You must meet our income/screening guidelines
  • You must call and be screened to see if your case is something we can assist with. You can either call our hotline or attend our weekly clinic.
  • You must be involved in a family law court case in Utah. We cannot provide documents for cases that are in courts in other states.


  • Fill out our intake forms, you can email us at or and we will send you our forms. You can also call and speak with one of our with our attorneys at 801-649-8895 and they can assist you.
  • Print and fax or scan the completed the forms at your convenience. Our fax number is 1-801-854-5115 and our email is
  • We will email you or call you after our weekly case meeting to let you know if you have been approved.
  • Once you have been approved, we will set up a virtual meeting or phone call with an attorney. The attorney will then work with you in drafting and preparing the agreed-upon paperwork.
  • Once the documents are drafted and sent to you, you are responsible for filing the paperwork with the Court.


  • Client Information Sheet: This document will ask for your information. Make sure to complete all sections that apply to you and your case or situation.
  • Representation Agreement: This document states that you allow staff attorneys, volunteer attorneys, and law students to help draft documents.
  • General Authorization to Release Information: This document authorizes Timpanogos Legal Center, or their representatives, to obtain information about your case.

The Representation ends when the documents are complete. The Document Clinic Lead may follow up to make sure the client didn’t run into barriers when filing the documents and arranging for service of process.

In-Person Document Clinic

An in-person document clinic is held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 5pm to 8pm at the Provo Historic Courthouse, 3rd Floor Ballroom, unless the Tuesday falls on a holiday week. Clients can also join virtuallly.

The purpose of this clinic is to provide real-time document preparation for shorter documents. Clients must be referred to the in-person clinic by an FJC attorney or by Michelle Lesue, TLC's Document Clinic Lead.

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