Pro Se Pretrial Calendars

Which Judicial Districts conduct TLC Pro Se Calendars?

Currently TLC assists the Fourth District every other month, rotating between Commissioner Ito and Commissioner Petersen. In the Eighth District, we rotate every other month between Duchesne and Roosevelt on cases heard by Judge Chiara. We anticipate assisting the Fifth District with a Pro Se Calendar in the near future.

What is the role of the volunteer attorney?

Volunteer attorneys are assigned to meet with a self-represented client assigned by TLC. TLC has the client sign a limited scope representation agreement, limiting services to that day. The attorney negotiates on behalf of the client with another volunteer attorney, or sometimes with counsel retained by the opposing party. Often the entire matter is resolved. If so, the agreement is put on the record, and TLC representatives prepare the final documents. If there is not a full agreement, the parties put the issues that were resolved on the record and set the remaining issues for trial. 

What does the client need to know?

  1. Your case was set on this Pro Se Calendar by the Judge or Commissioner in the hopes that you will resolve the issues.
  2. Arrive at the courthouse on time on the date in the court notice.
  3. Look for a TLC representative outside of the courtroom and complete the requested paperwork. You will be paired with an attorney who will be making a limited appearance (for that date and that hearing only) on your behalf. If you do not resolve the issues, you will need to hire counsel or represent yourself at trial.
  4. Work with your assigned attorney to craft an agreement to present to the other party. There will be discussions back and forth between both attorneys. Feel free to seek advice and counsel from your attorney. It is important that you understand the agreement, so ask questions.
  5. Attend the court hearing alongside your assigned attorney to inform the Judge/Commissioner of the outcome – a full agreement, a partial agreement, or no agreement.
  6. If an agreement was reached, you may qualify to have TLC complete your final documents for your case. Work with the TLC representative to determine if you will qualify for TLC’s document clinic.
  7. If no agreement was reached, you should continue with your court case. Please remember that the attorney who was provided during this court hearing is not your attorney. You should not contact this attorney to ask follow up questions. You may call the TLC hotline at 801-649-8895.
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