Pro Se Pretrial Calendars

In select areas of Utah, Timpanogos Legal Center has a relationship with the domestic commissioners and judges who are able to set family law cases for the pro se pretrial calendar. TLC provides volunteer attorneys to each party in those cases to help the parties reach an agreement to avoid the stress and time required for a trial.

Judges and Commissioners in Utah Judicial Districts 4 and 8 may set your divorce or paternity case for a Pretrial Calendar. This calendar is for parties whose cases have stalled and where neither party has an attorney. At the Pretrial Calendar, you will be appointed a volunteer attorney who will help you try to reach an agreement so that you can avoid the stress and time required for a trial.

District 4: Utah, Wasatch, Juab, and Millard Counties

District 8: Duchesne, Daggett, and Uintah Counties

Please do not contact TLC and request for your case to be added to the pro se calendar. We are unable to schedule cases for the pro se calendar; only the judge or commissioner assigned to your case can do so.

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